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Istanbul Yacht Charter Prices

Yacht charter for 5-10-15-20-30 people per hour and daily for special events


Rental yacht for 2 hours 700 TL
Luxury yacht for rent for 2 hours 1200 TL
2 hours rental vip yacht 2500 TL
Gulet yacht for rent in 2 Hours 3500 TL
2 Hours Rental Mega Yacht 1000 €
Catamaran for 2 hours rental 2000 TL


4 hours rental yacht 1500 TL
Luxury yacht for 4 hours rent 2000 TL
4 hours rental Vip yacht 3500 TL
4 hours Gulet yacht for rent 5000 TL
4 Hours Rental Mega Yacht 2000 €
Catamaran rental for 4 hours 4000 TL







* You can rent a yacht for 2-4-6-8 hours.
* You can also rent a 24-hour accommodation.
* In case of using external scaffolding, price differences are applied.
* During 4-hour excursions, a meal break is given in Beykoz Bay
* Swimming tours are held between 10 - 18 hours.
* Only for boat rentals, guests can bring whatever they want.
* Outside Catering service is not available for luxury yachts.
* Extension hours are subject to an extra charge
* In case of reservation, 50% prepayment is required.
* Yachts have insurance coverage

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