Important Information About Bosphorus Tour
Frequently asked questions about the Bosphorus Tour


* 2-hour hire is generally applied during the day
* Evening tours take 19 hours or 20 hours and then 4 hours
* In case of using external scaffolding, price differences are applied
* 4-hour excursions are given in Beykoz bay
* Swimming tours are held between 10 - 18 hours
* Guests can only bring what they want when renting the boat
* Catering service is not available on luxury ships and yachts Extension times are subject to extra coinage
* 50% prepayment is required for reservations
* Boats have insurance coverage

Reservations for persons under the age of 18 must be approved by their parents.


At the end of the boat and company name

What you need to examine
* Note whether the images belong to the company
* Visit company office to receive information
* Contract to work with the company to lease
* Company references
* Tax office registration certificate
* TÜRSAB document
* Visits to the service are not visible by visiting the boats
* Receive the parties approved booking document
Menu information to be asked
* Working Food Engineer diploma
* Brand information of used drinks and soft drinks
* Natural plants and foods
* Hygienic information

Complaint phones
* For your menu complaints: 0216 302 41 00 Agriculture Province Md.
* For boat complaints: 0212 528 68 21 Tourism Province Md.
* Coast Guard Command: 0212 242 40 00
* Marine Police: 0212 293 00 13

Documents to be seen on the boats
* Technical certificate of seaworthiness
* Tourism document (approved by the Ministry of Tourism)
* Rescue equipment
* Boat and passenger insurance certificate
* Captain's and Seaman's licenses
* Service personnel must have a minimum of 5 years
* Licensed floating restaurant certificate (belonging to the ship you rent)

Other informations
* The name of the teknen and the picture are absolutely taken
* Please check the technician's compliance status
* Review music systems - Brand and Model
* Clear the boat to be given in case of aberration