Extra Services
Extra service options for a more prestigious bosphorus tour

Dear Guests

Our company, which has been serving to many domestic and foreign guests in tourism sector for years, offers extra services for all organizations from 5 people to 1000 people. We are the organizations where we have made references to our company, which takes the seriousness of service as its principle. Our goal is to be happy and happy with our extra services that we have presented to you in the direction of requests.

Orchestra (3000 TL)
Trio (1500 TL)
Oriental (400 TL)
Chapter (4 saz) (500 TL)
Mr. violinist (350 TL)
Female violin (600 TL)
Guitarist (500 TL)
Guitar duo (850 TL)
Pianist Shaman (1000 TL)
Pianist + Female soloist (2000 TL)
DJ (Computerized) (500 TL)
DJ (Equipments) (850 TL)

Laser writing (Köprüye) (800 TL)
Laser light (300 TL)
Volcano light (200 TL)
Light Robot (300 TL)
Sphere and Purple light (400 TL)
Fog machine (300 TL)
Fireworks Amateur (250 TL)

For live music (1500 TL)
For DJ (1000 TL)
For the artists (5000 TL

VIP bride table (1000 TL)
Private bridal table (350 TL)
Bridal way (400 TL)
Masaya flower 1 piece (50 TL)
Pasta Per person (10 TL)
Champagne (100 TL)
Video shooting ($ 750)
Photo shooting (350 TL)
Branda text (200 TL)
Throne installation (400 TL)
Circumcision seat (250 TL)
Clown (350 TL)
Animation (700 TL)
Mehter team (1500 TL)
Folklore group (1500 TL)
Balloon decoration (by boat)
Tulle decoration (by boat)
Ribbon decoration (by boat)

Guidance service (400 TL)
Sine vision (500 TL)

Limousine (1200 TL)
Classic car (1200 TL)
Range Rover (sport) (1500 TL)