Engagement dinner on the boat
Engagement dinner, Bosphorus tour

Dear guests;
We offer engagement ceremony on the boat for young couples to feel the excitement of stepping into the world house.
In a private night you can present us with a memorable moment to remember your distinguished guests.
Our experienced staff and distinguished staff are ready to serve you for your happiness.
Table and chairs are worn, Music systems are set up, Special tables are designed, Engagement dinner is provided,
25 - 50 - 100 - 200 - 350 - 500 people, our elegant boats and yachts; Your engagement is at your service for your celebrations.
We offer a choice of food, no food, drink, no drink, cocktail, snack menu or just boat hire.
We can share your special wishes and different design considerations together.
Our prices are indexed according to the number of people, menus and boats.
We wish happiness to world house candidates ...