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Şan Music Tour leader Naci Salihoğlu
The pressure he gave to the importance of the Bosphorus tour. Bosphorus tour for more than 37 years, signing the important organizations in the industry, said that the task was to pay. According to public opinion surveys, the chairman, who stated that the boat organizations have increased in recent years, announced that they came from the top of his best. On the boat, wedding invitations and corporate meals, such as meetings, appealed to people.


England queen boat tour

The Queen of England made a Bosphorus tour with a special service and presentation in a very stylish organization. She could not conceal her admiration for the queen, who closely observes the beauty of her dazzling throats. President Abdullah Gül accompanied him during the trip.


Commander's boat tour

The commanders of the period passed from the Bosporus.
At the same time, he accompanied the commanders to military students. The people who followed the traveling tour shook the flag with applause and applauded.
Everything was beautiful on the boat trip where the emotional moments were experienced. We wish you to be together in days of love and peace and we were good with the soldiers


Visit by artists

Our esteemed artists Cengiz Kurtoglu and Hakan Altun visited our head office.
The artists who received information about Bosphorus tours offered their wishes to us. The ongoing visit with dinner ended with beautiful singles.
We offer our eternal gratitude to Cengiz and his friends for these kind behaviors.


Shota bosphorus trip

Soccer teacher is visiting Turkey in the season
He makes yacht trips several times with his wife and close friends.
We would like to thank our esteemed friend for this occasion.
At the same time for our large party organizations invitation to our boat has suggested.
We have implemented a wide range of organizations.


In Istanbul Bosphorus live music accompanied by elegant invitation boats with or without food on the wedding wedding invitation after marriage ceremony wedding organizations are offering services.
We provide comfort in our summer and winter crafted boats. We are always ready to serve you for your best moments. We wish happiness.


Marriage offer on the boat

Bosphorus tour accompanied by bombs between the two continents and a large writing on the bridge offers organizations on a boat or yacht marriage.
Look closely at our marriage proposal alternatives, package programs and prices.
We have the privilege of proposing marriage in the throat, proposal for a lucky marriage.

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